Located in Hasty's on the lower level of the Copper Conference Center

Digital Citizenship
What are you doing to ensure your students are aware of their digital footprints? This session discusses various ways of developing lesson plans that purposefully involve your students in their own digital awareness.

Presenter: Diane Santurri
Johnson and Wales University
Session: Tuesday 1:00pm–2:00pm
Location: Copper Conference Center, Hasty’s (Lower Level)

Copyright in a K-12 Digital World
There is a lot of confusion over copyright and fair use in the utilization of digital media. We will discuss fair use of digital materials in the classroom in addition to examining emerging new trends in intellectual property law and copyright practice.

Presenter: Linda Conway (
Academy School District 20
Session: Tuesday 3:30pm–4:30pm
Location: Copper Conference Center, Hasty’s (Lower Level)

Power Library Retooled
See how Power Libraries are evolving to better meet the needs of students and teachers in the 21st Century.

Presenter: Becky Russell
School Library Senior Consultant, Colorado Department of Education
Technical Focus: Power Library Programs
Grade Level:Educators
Session: Wednesday 8:00am–9:00am
Location: Copper Conference Center, Hasty’s (Lower Level)

Exploring eNetColorado
Establishing motivational 21st Century learning environments in our digital “Media Snackers” is a formidable task. Join the discussion as we explore a new organization whose mission is to improve student achievement in Colorado. eNetColorado is an exciting state entity that provides an unprecedented array of offerings to Colorado educators. This roundtable discussion takes you into eNetColorado and the “Internet Cloud” in search of innovative services to help you to create new learning environments.

Presenter: Dan Morris
Session: Wednesday 10:15am–11:15am
Location: Copper Conference Center, Hasty’s (Lower Level)

Effective Practices for Mobile Learning Implementation
Join a panel discussion of possibilities and explore the most effective practices for the successful implementation of mobile learning. This round table discussion will present ideas for using information technologies to deliver a variety of portable learning initiatives.

Presenter: Kecia Carroll
Mobile Citizen
Session: Friday 8:30am–9:30am
Location: Copper Conference Center, Hasty’s (Lower Level)