General Information for TIE Conference Presenters

  • Every room used for a presentation at Copper Mountain will contain at least a computer, projector and screen. You may choose to present from your own computer. Please make sure that you have inspected the room prior to your session to ensure a successful presentation.
  • Please be sure that you pre-load and verify the accessibility of the software necessary for your session, prior to your presentation. Outside of Microsoft Office and standard browsers, do not assume that the necessary programs for your session will be loaded.
  • Please prepare to continue your session if there are interruptions to the Internet and network. We do everything possible to provide reliable wireless network to the hundreds of attendees at TIE, but Internet cannot be guaranteed.. Have a backup plan!
  • Rooms set as computer labs may have computers removed prior to your session (especially Friday morning sessions). This means that if your proposal did not request a lab, the computers you see when you check your room on Tues., Wed., or Thurs., may not be there on Friday for your presentation.
  • If you need to schedule a time to install software in the lab you will using, use this link to reserve an Install Time . You may also use your wiki page to encourage participants of your session to install necessary programs on their own computers before attending your session.
  • TIE does not provide copy services for handouts for your session. Instead we offer the ability for you to post your handouts and presentation material on this wiki for participant viewing/download. See below for instructions!
  • Copper has requested that we change the names of the areas we use at Union Creek in the West Village. Upper Schoolhouse, Lower Schoolhouse and Mountainside are now the rooms previously known as Upper Creekside, Lower Creekside and Creekside Cafe.

Posting your presentation materials here on the TIE Conference Wiki:

1. Click on Manage Wiki link found in the upper left hand corner of this page.


2. Click on "Files" from the menu options on the page.


3. Click "Upload" to upload the documents you would like to make available for your session attendees.


4. Click on the day of your session from the "Daily Sessions" link in the navigation section.


5. Click on your session number/title to get to your presenter page.Picture_16.jpg

6. Click "Edit This Page" from the tabs at the top of the page.


7. Create links on your presentation page to your documents so that participants can access them.


8. This will require browsing to the files you uploaded which can now be found within this wiki.


9. You can choose "inserts the file" or "links to the file".


10. You can also skip the upload instructions above and upload and insert files directly from this window.Picture_20.jpg

*NOTE: You may also choose to simply post a link to a separate web page on your presenter page which will take participants where they can download your materials from another location.