Open Source Playground (Linux and Free Software)
New this year at TIE is the Linux and Free Software Playground. This fully-staffed, open-access lab features computers stocked with a variety of free educational programs. Stop in at your convenience. Staff will be available to help you, or feel free to just explore. The lab is open 8:00am – 4:00pm on Wednesday and Thursday in the Union Peak room at Mountain Plaza. Several software demonstrations and Q & A sessions are also planned. See the schedule below for times.

9:00am Graphics, animation, and audio editing tools
11:00am A planetarium on your desktop: hands-on with Stellarium and other science software
1:00pm Amazing math tools
3:00pm Out with the old (Office) in with the new, and free

11:00am Linux and LTSP thin-clients for IT staff: getting your own lab set up
1:00pm Secure wireless mesh on the cheap (tentative)
3:00pm Open discussion with schools using Free Software

Special thanks to the Longmont Christian School in Longmont, Colorado and to Technology/Network Administrator Diane Leikvold for the donation of equipment and assistance with setting up the Linux/FOSS lab.